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About Event Images

Event Images provides photographic and videography services for events, conferences, exhibitions and PR agencies as well as other complimenting categories in Dubai and across the Middle East. We specialise in these areas to ensure that we give our clients the best results every time.

We know first hand what it is like to run events, we've done that, we've also presented at events and used photography to great effect in both marketing and PR for brands. With over 25 years combined professional photography experience, we've covered a significant quantity and variety of events and delivered a huge amount of photographs to our clients - we know how to help you get the photos, the R.O.I. and coverage that your event deserves.

Event Images was founded by Grant Bishop in Dubai in 2011 to provide high quality event photographic and videography services to businesses and corporate activities. Mark Brown joined as photographer and videographer in 2014.

Having worked in these areas we noticed that professional event photography was quite often considered as a low priority to the event stakeholders and subsequently the delivered images suffered in terms quality in terms of image composition, technique, equipment, image processing, colour correction, correct lighting, exposure and many more integral aspects and subsequently had less future marketing and immediate PR and social media value.


Our Services:-

At Event Images, our key focus is that for all our clients, we consistently deliver with the best quality products through the range of services we provide.

We aim to be the best at what we do, from start to finish, on site, before the event and with the delivered results. Our clients deserve high quality photography and videography services and we aim to impress with professionalism at all times.

When you hire Event Images we know it's not all about just the photography only. With a diverse and flexible range of services we aim to deliver and exceed our clients expectation time and again.



Established in Dubai in 2011, Event Images provides comprehensive photographic services primarily to corporate clients across a wide spectrum of industry sectors including event organisation, public relations, hospitality, travel, property, pharmaceutical, industrial, and more for their event, conference, exhibition, PR, corporate communications and social media photographic requirements.

We provide a wide range of photographic services with some key areas including:

Conference Photography- Full start to finish photography coverage of corporate conferences, training sessions, seminars and more. The services provided go beyond "standard" conference photography with post processing, material delivery options, print and web optimised images, clear file naming, meta data and more. Immediate photography use available when required for PR opportunities on the day of the conference, plus excellent future marketing and promotion benefits.

Event Photography - Full start to finish photographic coverage of all consumer and PR event types including large scale music and sporting events, product activations, media events, and more. We work closely with the PR agency (and their client where applicable) to fully understand their requirements and nail down a clear brief to ensure we deliver the results for them. Including coverage of the main event, documentation, activation points, branding, attendee participation, interactions and product shots.

Corporate Headshots, Executive portraits and social media avatar sets. Portraits made easy and tailored to specific uses. Corporate headshots and executive portraits are important to convey the right message, whether formal for gravitas at speaking events, less formal for social media such as LinkedIn or even simple, fun portrait for in house use, Event Images can help you get the look required.

Gala dinners and award nights are special occasions that deserve special image coverage. Whether reportage, more formal group shots, guests and VIP arrival on the red carpet and stage / award distribution - Event Images have you covered.Creative and vibrant images to capture the feel and energy of each event, perfect for post event publicity and for lasting memories for your event's guests.

Product launches and retail opening event photography. Whether formal private press launch style, large scale open to the public or somewhere in between, Event Images will provide the photographer coverage your product deserves. With a pre-defined, clear brief Event Images endeavour to to provide quality photographic coverage that exceeds regular launch photography with image post processing enhancements, material delivery options, print and web optimised images, clear file naming, meta data and more.

Other photographic services include:

  • Architectural

  • Commercial and retail interiors

  • Group photography and printing

  • Hotels and hospitality

  • Industrial

  • Music and nightlife

  • Networking Events

  • Product Shots

  • Real Estate

  • Sport Events

  • Tour groups

  • Travel



While Event Images was started in 2011 as a standalone, photography specific service provider - in 2014 we introduced video services to our clients.

Event Video Specialists - Complementing our photography services, Event Images video services are aimed primarily at event, content creation, exhibition, PR, communications and media industries in the Middle East by providing an essential, quality service

Based on the increasing requests and emphasis placed on video from our clients, especially from content creation, event coverage and interview packages, we are very pleased to announce our videography services.

Event Images videography and editing solutions are based in house and complement our photography services where the filming for each client will be at their offices or at the event, conference or exhibition. Using professional standard video and audio equipment Event Images deliver on both the filming and editing requirements. Our video offerings are as bespoke as required by our clients and we are happy to work with our clients to ensure their expectations are met and often exceed their expectations.

Video services include:

  • Highlight footage with gimbal

  • Audio recording

  • Fixed camera for conference presentations

  • Video editing

  • Correctly licensed music

  • Green screen (chroma)

  • Podcast recording

Event Images videography clients include prominent entities from industry sectors including construction, business intelligence, online content creation, travel markets and more.

Typical service coverage includes -

  • Event Documentation

  • Exhibition and Conference Video

  • Corporate Branding Videos

  • Interview Packages

  • CEO & Management Messages

  • Training Videos

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Sales & Marketing Videos

  • Health & Safety Videos

  • Corporate Communication

  • Online Content Creation

  • Social Media Content and more.


Coverage Area

While we are based in Dubai, UAE - we are fully mobile and cover all types of events across the entire Middle East region.


Post Processing

We take great shots, but to ensure the very best images, we include a full post processing service (included in the quoted price). On average for every day of shooting we will spend a further full day on post processing, image improvements, meta data and formatting.


Video Filming

Our in house filming professionals use state of the art high definition video and pro-audio equipment to accurately and appealing capture your event. Our team are 100% professional, presentable and confident in all situations from basic events through to CEO and Government interview pieces and large scale conferences. Our clients can be assured of great results, onsite creativity and professionalism for every commission.



Filming is only the first part in the process - with intelligent and informed editing, clear communication with the client, solid expertise in the various diciplings brings the end result to life. Compeling edit techniques, correctly licensed and sourced music, titles, color grading and much more. Timely delivery in the formats specified by the client.

A selection of the brands that we have worked with:

Our core principles and values:-



Our goal is to simplify the entire photography process for busy, overworked, stressed and under-appreciated, event organisers, conference producers, PR agents and marketing managers. Simple pricing structures, with defined objectives, deliverables and a clear pricing structure with no hidden charges.


Image Style

Event Images fully understand the photographic images required by each industry sector. We also have the knowledge and equipment to ensure the best quality results in low light, mixed light, no flash situations. A full range of applicable photographs will be delivered from formal, reportage style and creative. See our service categories for more details.



With over 15 years experience in media and events industries, both in London and Dubai, prior to founding Event Images, we firmly believe that an essential component to a successful outcome in any endeavour is completely reliant on clear and accurate communication. From understanding the client's requirements and also to accurately defining our understanding of these, through to being open and clear on what we will provide, it is Event Images priority to ensure perfect client / supplier communication at all times, pre-event, on site and post-event processing.



From start to finish Event Images priority is to be 100% professional with every aspect and touch point. We want the commissioning manager to feel confident the project will be completed to their expectations or beyond and their decision to commission a professional and respected company will have been more than justified with deliverables and ROI to senior management and key stakeholders. From initial discussion, client requirements and project brief, quotation and most especially on site through to final delivery of the processed photographs, Event Images will be 100% professional.



With the current demands of near instant information dissemination we feel it is imperative to be as mobile as possible. We travel compactly with a minimum of a two camera set up plus onsite processing equipment with internet delivery to either client, press, web gallery or social media - all within aircraft carry on limits. We aim to be able to provide near instant coverage of any event in any broadband connected location in the Middle East.



We've been involved with enough events in the region to know things can change at the last minute, agendas, locations, requirements, even the location city. Once commissioned Event Images will be there for you and your event and we will adapt and deliver to the best of our ability.



Lasting relationships and repeat business is our aim with our clients. We want to deliver and exceed your expectations time and again. To achieve this not only will we aim to impress with our deliverables from day one, we'll also show our appreciation for long term client relationships by going that extra mile, offering block booking discounts or retainer based pricing advantages. We would rather have a few excellent relationships than many one off commissions as we feel these will produce much better results long term for the client.